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Sardar Patel to be BJP's PM candidate in 2019

31, Oct 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: In a major announcement today, BJP has shocked the entire country by announcing their Prime Ministerial candidate for 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Even though Narendra Modi was widely expected to run for the 2nd term, party has now announced that Sardar Patel, and not PM Modi, will be the PM face for 2019 elections.

Sardar Patel
Current PM saluting the future PM?

Over the past few years, BJP has attacked Congress several times for not making Sardar Patel the PM post-independence. Pandit Nehru was appointed the Prime Minister then with Sardar Patel becoming the Home Minister in his cabinet. Narendra Modi himself has mentioned it several times that Sardar Patel deserved to be the PM and looks like the party is now trying to correct a historic wrong. Most of the political pundits are predicting another win for BJP in 2019 so Sardar Patel will finally get the PM post he deserved.

Speaking to the media, party spokesperson Mr. Sambit Patra said ,”BJP is doing in this term what Congress failed to do during its 60 years rule and one of the things Congress failed to do was making Sardar Patel the Prime Minister. Therefore, we have decided to do that now and we will fight the next elections under his able leadership. This idea was discussed during a high level party meeting on Sardar Patel’s birthday and it got unanimous support. Even PM Modi supported this idea and agreed to step aside for the Iron man of India.”

Meanwhile, Congress has been taken aback by this move by BJP and are taking legal advice over this move. “We are checking with constitutional and legal experts to see if BJP can declare a Congress leader as their PM face. If they can, then even we will have to project Pandit Nehru in response.”