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Sasikala files defamation case against Subramanian Swamy to prove she is Amma's true heir

18, Dec 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

Chennai: Jayalalithaa ‘s closest friend and contender to be Amma’s true heir, Sasikala Natarajan yesterday slapped a criminal defamation complaint against Subramanian Swamy for posting “malicious content” and “derogatory statements” through his twitter account.

Chinamma is coming!

Over the last few days, support has been growing for Sasikala to be the next AIADMK General Secretary. Somehow, she started getting addressed as “Chinnamma” (Colloquially, Chinnamma is like Amma’s Sister) for legitimacy. Sasikala knew suing Swamy would be the perfect move to give her that final push into the General Secretary’s seat.

Swamy, who also lovingly refers to Sasikala as Shakuni of Mannargudi is amused at this latest lawsuit and has added it to his huge list of pending lawsuits. Sasikala meanwhile is horrified at this double insult as he is not only comparing her to someone who is seen as an evil schemer but also a non-tamilian.

The move seems to have rejuvenated the AIDMK party cadre that has been in shock and disarray since the death of Amma. Some of the leaders are learnt to have already started practicing prostration again, before the photo of Sasikala. World famous photoshop cadre of AIDMK also broke few coconuts and immediately started photoshopping pictures of world leaders bowing down to “Chinnamma” Sasikala.

Sasikala’s husband M. Natarajan, who had been kept away by Jayalalitha, also made a move for a comeback by filing his own defamation case against Swamy. Swamy laughed it off saying filing defamation against him was the only way Natarajan could get any fame in the first place.