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Sasikala promises to build a wall between Tamilnadu and Karnataka within next week, by her proxy CM

18, Feb 2017 By RT

Bangalore. In a dramatic statement from the  capital city, Chinnamma, sometimes known as Sasikala, promised to build a wall between Tamilnadu and Karnataka by her proxy CM, within next week.


“Until recently, Donald Trump has been the most hated politician in the world. I displaced him with sheer number of Tamilians voting for me, both online and offline. USA may have invented Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. We invented how to troll and run hate campaigns in Indian social media. Unfortunately, the latest trend in the Facebook world is to publish memes on me! I need to do something to negate this,” the jailed leader told Faking News.

“Donald Trump was easily the most hated American, leave alone presidential hopeful, until he actually became the president. He managed to become one against all the odds with a single announcement – to build a wall between Mexico and the United States. I want to follow his footsteps and build a wall between Tamilnadu and Karnataka. This is the utmost Tamilian activity one can do now, after the Jallikattu ban removal,” Sasikala further added.

“In Jail or not, I will build this wall. It is symbolic. Karnataka trying to lock me up? I will lock them up within their state. My wall will be so high that no kannadiga or a Tamilnadu MLA can jump over it,” Sasikala talked about the breadth, length and height of the wall plan.

When Faking News asked about, how a wall can help increase her stature as a leader, “Obviously you haven’t heard about divide and rule policy of the British. The wall divides and I rule by proxy. In recent times, walls helped me in Poes Garden, in Apollo and even in Golden bay Resort. This bigger wall will help me acquire run the state by proxy for 4 years,” Sasikala concluded and walked towards bundles of wax to make candles to bring about world peace.

Meanwhile the Karnataka government has agreed to pay for the wall, if it promises to stop any drop of water from the Cauvery (Kaveri) river getting into Tamilnadu.