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We saved money on inauguration thanks to the dam's collapse: Nitish Kumar

20, Sep 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

A portion of a dam in Bhagalpur’s Kahalgaon came down crashing hours before it was to be inaugurated by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.The dam built at an estimated cost of Rs 389.31 crore is part of the ambitious Gateshwar Panth Canal Project which was planned to improve the poor land irrigation system in the region. But Nitish Kumar is not the one who thinks negative about every situation. Even the Dam collapse has been seen in a positive light be him.


According to Nitish Kumar, the dam collapse happened at the right time as it will save the money which was to be wasted on the inauguration of the dam. Every year Crs of Rs is spent on events planned to launch those projects. According to Nitish, today’s incident will serve as a reminder to the ministers that even nature doesn’t want a politician to keep on inaugurating new projects and wasting money.

Faking News reporter spoke to Nitish ji and he had this to say,” Look media presents everything in bad light. What if the dam collapsed. Should we just start crying and passing on blame from one person to another? This is a time for introspection. This is the sign given to us by mother nature that please don’t spend money on the inauguration of projects, instead, that money should be used to feed the poor.

The Bihar government has immediately cancelled all events planned across the states to launch various schemes. The money saved will be used to implement more schemes for the poor. Prime minister Modi in his press conference has requested other states to follow the good example set by honourable Nitish ji.