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SBI employee spotted working during lunch today, opposition alleges emergency

10, Nov 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: Opposition parties across India have leveled fresh allegations against Modi government for pushing India towards emergency. This happened after several SBI employees were seen working today during their holy lunch time.

Lunch home

Banks reopened today after the old 500 Rs and 1000 Rs notes were taken out of circulation. People thronged all the banks to submit the cash they had in those denominations. With ATMs still closed, several people lined up to withdraw some cash as well. This created huge rush at all the branches and long queues were spotted everywhere.

To deal with such crowds, some of the SBI employees decided to miss lunch for a day, something that has never happened before.

“This is all happening due to Modi government’s decision. SBI employees are missing their lunch hours now, this is worse than emergency. These guys go to office to have lunch and if they can’t do that due to the situation Modi created then what else is left for them”, spokesperson of a national party said.

A leader of a regional party said, “BJP supporters keep calling others anarchist but this is true anarchy, SBI employees missing lunch. Modi government is answerable for this situation they have created.”

When we asked an SBI employee to check whether some of his colleagues are indeed skipping lunch, he said ,”Baad me aana, abhi lunch time hai.”