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SC orders Samajwadi Party to shift its headquarters to Agra Mental Asylum

11, Apr 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Considering continuously falling level of commentary by Samajwadi Party leaders on social and national issues, apex court has ordered the party to shift its headquarters to the famous Agra Mental Asylum.

Supreme Court’s decision came after listening to Abu Azmi’s and Mulayam’s comment on rape and Azam Khan’s views on Kargil war.

Agra Mental Asylum
Hospital staffs waiting for SP leaders

“We needed to put those statements in perspective,” the judge explained why the court took a suo moto action and pronounced the verdict, “Now any statement issued in the past or any more coming in the future will not confuse the citizens of the country.”

To the relief of the party leaders, the Supreme Court has not specifically ordered SP leaders’ to undergo any treatment and left that decision on their conscience.

Surprisingly Samajwadi Party has welcomed SC’s verdict and said that they are quite excited about it.

“You know, Agra Mental Asylum has sprawling 172.8 acre campus. It’s one of the best asylum in India and much better than any lunatic asylum of Gujarat. It’s a matter of pride for us that we are shifting our headquarters at such a secular place,” said positive looking party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Samajwadi Party is looking forward and expecting to get a lot of candidates eligible for party’s top leadership post from the existing crowd of Agra Mental Asylum.

However, the doctors at Agra Mental Asylum have requested the court to reconsider their decision as this could adversely impact the mental health of their patients.

“I think the court went by popular opinion and didn’t take expert advise,” Dr. Anirudh Yadav told Faking News, “We have never heard such statements from our patients. In fact, these people make a lot of sense in comparison. But now, they might pick up such ailments from the new entrants and this could potentially turn them into totally unfit for any social rehabilitation.”

“Hmmm… that is something we are not too sure about. Yeah, maybe that will help them,” Dr. Yadav said when asked about political rehabilitation of the patients.