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Scared of talking about Article 370 more than talking to women: Farooq Abdullah

06, Dec 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. Soon after giving a controversial statement about how he was afraid of talking to women, Union Minister Farooq Abdullah gave another shocker by revealing that he was afraid to talk about Article 370 of the Indian constitution even more.

Abdullah said that he and his men were scared to talk about the undebatable article as they fear that they may end up in opposition, which is worse than going to jail.

Farooq Abdullah
The scared Abdullah

“Look at Tarun Tejpal, he might be in jail, but he’s getting all the support. Now contrast it when he was in opposition i.e. when NDA was in power; he was almost bankrupt!” a close aide of senior Abdullah explained.

Aides say that this was the reason (scared of being in opposition) National Conference didn’t walk out of NDA even after 2002 Gujarat riots, though later they blamed it all on Narendra Modi after losing the elections.

“Now Modi is haunting them again by raking Article 370,” the aide added.

While senior Abdullah didn’t comment on above explanations and speculations, he conceded that he was in no mood to discuss women and Article 370.

“It is not like I am blaming Article 370, I am blaming society itself. The way this article impacts local elections is the main cause of fear,” he said.

“This Artcile 370 is even more complicated than a woman,” senior Abdullah further added, which immediately caused outrage on Twitter and TV channels.

While Farooq Abdullah might be drawing flak for his comments, many in Jammu & Kashmir agree with him.

“I am 48 years old and till now have never ever debated about 370 article,” said a local leader Balwan Khan, explaining how afraid he is to even touch the topic.

“It is about local culture. People in Delhi should respect our opinions and not thrust their ideas of right and wrong on us,” another local leader supported Farooq Abdullah.

However his son and J&K CM Omar Abdullah has regretted his father’s comment and called it a “misplaced attempt at speaking truth”.