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Scientists at CERN to find out how NCP-Congress fight started

25, Jul 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After NCP leader Praful Patel announced that the differences between his party and Congress have been sorted out, the rest of the world is now wondering why these two parties were fighting with each other in first place.

“Sharad Pawar didn’t sit next to PM during Pranab’s oath taking ceremony, which means no no.2 position, Maharashtra CM has not been changed, and CBI hasn’t given any clean chit to anyone. Then what was the fight all about?” an aam aadmi scratched his head and wondered.

Sharad Pawar
Is he happy or angry? The citizens are confused and want to know.

To unravel this mystery, scientists at CERN have announced an experiment to find out how this fight originated. This comes close to discovery of The God Particle or Higgs Boson, which could help find out how universe originated.

“The world can wait to know how universe originated; in fact, we already know a few things about it,” a scientist at CERN told Faking News, “But our brains are exploding when we try to think how this NCP-Congress fight started! Was it big bang or some special creation?”

“Fuck it man, the fight is even over and we have no fucking clue what was this all about!” the scientists added in frustration.

Scientists have rejected various articles written by journalists claiming to explain why NCP-Congress fight started as being phony literature.

“The reality is not known to us yet, definitely not to the journalists,” a scientist said, “We need to conduct lab experiments to know the truth.”

To discover Higgs Boson, scientists had carried out the Large Hadron Collider experiment, where they had made fast moving particles collide with each other. However, they can’t bang an NCP leader with a Congress leader for a similar experiment.

“Experiments on human beings are banned, so this is very challenging,” a scientist disclosed, “The only time a fast moving man collided with an NCP leader was when Sharad Pawar was slapped by a man. We suspect that the slapper was not a Congress supporter as he later threatened to slap Kapil Sibal.”