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Secret Bihar Election Diary: Narendra Modi pens down his feelings

20, Oct 2015 By Sandeep Kadian

Dear Diary,

First two innings of speeches have come to an end. There is strategic timeout for festivals, after which I’ve to start scoring at speeches again. By end of the elections, I would have lost count of the total number of speeches I have delivered.

In fact I already don’t know why or where the last speech was to be very honest. It has all become a bit of a blur right now. Not even sure whether I was in Bihar or Birmingham.

I really needed a break diary, to recharge myself. Thank God for Navratris, I have got this break. Maybe I will go and attend one of those Dandiya nights in Amdavad as well.

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi, when not writing a diary entry.

My Bihar colleagues won’t be too happy with my break diary, they are relying on me to win this election, just like every other election. Past 3 years have been 1 election after another and everywhere I have to be the star campaigner. Why do we have so many other members if I have to come and get involved every time?

I think they are becoming too dependent on me. One MP even asked me to give a speech at his son’s school because his son is standing for class monitor elections. This is totally getting out of hand diary.

I am starting to feel like Dhoni in an ODI who has to play the starring role every time for the team to win. If you lose, accept all the brickbats and all the accolades when the team wins, there is no middle ground diary. Difference is that some of my team members are busy trying to get out hit-wicket than score any runs. You know the Shatru I am talking about, yes you do.

Ever since I have moved to Delhi, I have found greater respect for Salman Khan. How does he manage to give one superhit after another without script, screenplay, common sense or any help from any of his fellow cast members? It’s magic diary. He makes it look so simple. Maybe I should speak to Salim saab and get Salman as a BJP member.

Speaking of movies, I am reminded of Kejriwal. He is also coming up with theories on Bihar elections. He says media is with me. Really? They build every election up as my biggest test yet. 4 years of one test after another. Feels like I am doing an Engineering degree! The never ending circle of tests, assignments, sessionals, semester exams, and sometimes I get a reappear as well, Like Delhi.

I have a trip to England lined up soon. Maybe I will do what the other Modi did and never return. I will check with Sushma ji if she will help me in my idea of running things in Delhi while living in London.

Ok diary, time to sleep now. No speech tomorrow so maybe I will get up late, like 5 AM or something.