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Secret Bihar Election Diary: Shatrughan Sinha records an entry

13, Oct 2015 By Sandeep Kadian

Dear Diary,

Remember me? Of course you remember me. You are the only one who does remember me these days, nobody in BJP does. What do I do diary? I have not addressed even a single rally this time; They don’t even invite me to Modi’s rallies now. Haven’t felt this ignored since Zeenat Aman picked Amitabh over me in Dostana.

They placed me at Number 30 in the list of Star Campaigners, Number 30. Forget Bihar, Are there 29 bigger stars than me in India?

31 years I have been with BJP, 31 years! My wait for Bihar CM post has only been exceeded by Advani ji’s wait for PM post. But now it feels that wait will go on forever. I am not even in the running for the CM post. Not one person has mentioned my name anywhere. Even Advani ji doesn’t say anything in my support or says anything at all really. Maybe I should go visit him with some of my films’ DVDs, he loves reviewing films.

Shatrughan Sinha
He might have gone Khamosh for now, but not his diary (cartoon by @NeelabhToons)

Media also seems to have lost interest in me these past few weeks. Apparently they have found bigger TRP topics in Uttar Pradesh. What are they doing in UP? Elections are in Bihar!

They should not give up on me. I am ready with my list of politicians against whom I have controversial statements, but nobody is visiting me now. What do I do with this list; recite it before going to bed like Arya Stark?

As you know I can’t resign, will have to give up my Lok Sabha seat. Hence, I tried to get myself fired, really did but even those attempts were ignored just like my son Luv Sinha’s film Sadiyaan.

What does one honest politician need to do to get himself fired around here? Praised Nitish, Praised Lalu, Praised Paswan over local BJP leaders and yet, no reaction.

Could have tried a scam to get myself fired but Modi didn’t give me any ministry either. Not even FTII chairman’s post for me. Gajendra Chauhan is apparently a better expert of cinema than me. GAJENDRA CHAUHAN… Have you seen his films diary?

Not even Maargdarshak Mandal for me because I haven’t crossed 80 yet. Where do I go from here diary?

If Nitish wins, maybe I can resign from BJP and get back to the Parliament using the Rajya Sabha route else I will have to look in the mirror and tell myself- KHAAMOSH!