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Security agencies must provide 2 week prior notice before raiding AAP controlled territories: Kejriwal

16, Dec 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal has badly scolded CBI officers for proving derogatory charges against AAP principal secretary Mr. Rajendra Kumar.

Arvind Kejriwal asking the CBI to do a small favor and give intimation before conducting raids
Arvind Kejriwal asking the CBI to do a small favor and give intimation before conducting raids

He further cautioned all national security agencies to not dare to raid AAP controlled territories without 2 week prior notice and mandatory permission from Kejriwal himself.

Addressing media persons after a dharna rally he angrily questioned, “Yaar ye CBI waale hote kaun hai? Who are they to do that? What jurisdiction do they have in AAP ruled territories? In AAP’s controlled lands AAP is Judge, AAP is Jury and AAP is jallaad. They should understand AAP’s internal laws. Any government does not have any right to interfere in AAP’s internal legal processes. AAP’s internal lokpal’s decision would be full and final in AAP ruled territories.”

Pointing fingers towards camera Kejriwal again fumed in anger, “Going forward AAP should be served atleast a two weeks prior notice before any national security agency even tries to set foot within 100 meters of any AAP controlled territories. If anyone is guilty in our lands we will tackle with them ourselves by our own rule of law. If we find someone innocent no other authority dare challenge us …. Laal Salaam.”

Kejriwal then left the venue in jiffy after which some of the supporters tried to burn CBI effigy, but since the effigy was doused in too much kerosene it burnt violently and clothes of some of the supporters also caught fire. No one however was reported hurt except Mr. Kejriwal’s ego.

Meanwhile, some less aggressive AAP members suggested that the party launch an app for CBI officials that will enable them to give intimation before conducting raids. “We don’t believe in just criticizing, but we are offering solution too. Our party will officially launch its app for that will benefit both the CBI and those who are under the scanner,” said a senior AAP leader.