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Shaitan, Bhoot and Pishach not sure about whom to support during Bihar elections

09, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

Patna: The war of words between Lalu Yadav and Narendra Modi has not only confused the voters in Bihar but has also divided the Shaitan, Bhoot and Pishach community in Bihar.

A ghost confused about whom to support
A ghost confused about whom to support

After political parties resorted to name calling, which led to Shaitans coming under spotlight, many from the community thought it would be wise discuss and reach a consensus about whom they would vote for the upcoming Bihar elections.

A discussion held in a graveyard by a committee that represents the community of Ghosts and Witches, sought to reach a consensus regarding whom to support during the Bihar Elections.

A bunch of Pishach’s openly supported Lalu Yadav. “Laluji is not against beef eaters. His views work for me. If BJP comes to power in Bihar, we will have to starve,” said Munni Pishcah as other Pishach’s wailed in support.

A few Bhoots chose to differ. “Modiji is best for Bihar and our community. He is never in one place and prefers roaming around. As a bhoot, it appeals to me. If BJP wins in Bihar, I will get a chance to not only roam across Bihar, but also go to foreign locations,” said Bhootnath, a 75 year old ghost.

Meanwhile, a Shaitan who was moderating the discussion and not let anyone speak screamed at the top of his voice and said, “Ghosts and witches the phone lines are open, please call and let us know who will you vote for?”

The discussion was marked with a lot of disagreements, with no consensus having reached. The second half of the discussion turned into a heated debate with name calling and wild accusations.

Bhoot called the Chudail as Lalu and Chudail called Shaitan as Modi with chaotic scenes witnessed by Faking News reporter.

Our reporter, who attended the discussion to get sound bites, thought it wise to leave before the Chudail took his bite.