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Sharad Pawar caught watching two movie shows after buying only one ticket

24, Mar 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Union Minister and NCP Chief Sharad Pawar was today caught by security guards of BIG Cinemas after he tried to watch two movie shows after buying only one ticket.

Pawar had gone to watch Monday morning show of Ragini MMS 2 at the Wadala branch of BIG Cinemas chain of multiplex. Totally mesmerized by the performance of Sunny Leone, Pawar decided to watch the movie again. However, since he had made himself extremely comfortable in the seat, he did not want to leave it to buy another ticket for the next show.

Pawar trying to hide his face after the first show ended.
Pawar trying to hide his face after the first show ended.

Suddenly he recalled his own advice where he had asked his supporters to vote twice even though they were entitled only for a single vote. He realized that it was possible though a simple act of erasing ink marks.

That’s when he used his own advice and expertise to erase the timing of the show printed on the ticket and scribe the new timing with a pen.

However Pawar’s attempt was foiled after he got into a heated argument with India’s greatest movie critic cum intellectual Kamaal R Khan, who had the ticket for the same seat of the next show.

Seeing the commotion both of them were creating, the multiplex authorities intervened to see what the matter was. After closely examining the matter, it was found that Pawar was guilty of tampering with the timing on the ticket.

“Luckily for us, the shows of Ragini MMS have been going houseful otherwise if Mr. Pawar had decided to watch some other movie, say Bewakoofiyan, he would never have been caught,” head of BIG Cinemas house keeping department told Faking News.

“That is why high turnout during voting is needed, else Pawar’s supporters will vote twice,” an expert tried to explain electoral process, but we decided to stick to the movie.

“Any other person in place of KRK would have let go off the matter by getting awed by the presence of Sharad Pawar, but we are glad that KRK held his ground and couldn’t compromise on Sunny Leone,” the manager at BIG Cinemas revealed how Pawar’s attempted fraud was exposed.

When asked why was he trying to indulge in such petty act, Pawar accused BiG Cinemas management for being biased in favoring KRK as he had been their regular patron for movies like Ragini MMS.

“A political conspiracy by opposition can also not be ruled out at this point of time, considering KRK is fighting elections on Samajwadi Party ticket,” Pawar said while being led away by the security.