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Sharad Pawar wants benefit of doubt in all cases of corruption

15, Apr 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Taking a cue from the game of cricket where benefit of doubt is given to the batsmen, Sharad Pawar has suggested to the Lokpal bill drafting committee that benefit of doubt should be given to the politician in all cases of corruption. Pawar, who earlier resigned from the Group of Ministers formed to look into the finer aspects of the bill, wrote a letter to the media explaining his demand.

“There are allegations of corruption in each move a politician makes just like there are allegations of match-fixing in each cricket match that is played these days,” Pawar wrote in his letter, “And just like the batsman takes the center stage in a cricket match, a politician is at the center of every scam.”

Hawk-Eye technology, Tendulkar not-out during ICC 2011 world cup semi-final against Pakistan at Mohali
Benefit of doubt is usually given to the batsmen

Based on this premise, the Agriculture Minister cum the ICC President has suggested that all the politicians should be given the benefit of doubt in all the cases of corruption. Under this “benefit” provision, it has been suggested that the proposed office of Lokpal should not initiate any proceedings or investigations against a politician if there was even a thread of doubt remaining in the corruption case.

Mr. Pawar claimed that many techniques of cricket were already being employed in cases of corruption and hence his demand was not very outlandish. He claimed that the CAG report on the 2G scam used a similar technique like the “Hawk-Eye” to assess the losses to the government exchequer.

“CAG calculated the revenue that the government could have generated had the path of competitive spectrum selling not been obstructed by A Raja. It’s very much similar to using Hawk-Eye to find out where the ball would have traveled had its path not been obstructed by the leg of the batsman,” Pawar claimed.

In his letter, Pawar didn’t comment over the findings revealed by either Hawk-Eye or the CAG, even as the latter was termed as “notional” by his colleague Kapil Sibal earlier; something that has given rise to fears that all LBW decisions going in favor of bowlers through UDRS could become doubtful if Sibal became the Sports Minister in the next cabinet reshuffle.

Meanwhile Sharad Pawar reported a mail from Faking News as “spam” after we asked him if Shahid Balwa was a substitute player or a runner for an injured batsman in his opinion.