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Sharad Yadav blasts Goa CM for advising Nurses against getting dark

01, Apr 2015 By indianpsycho

Patna. Immediately after Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar advised the protesting nurses in his state to not stage hunger strike in the sun as that will make them dark, JDU leader and dark skin enthusiast Sharad Yadav lambasted him for such remarks.

Saying that Parsekar was spreading lies and misconception, Yadav appealed to nurses in Goa to not pay attention to him and carry on with protests.

“To say that having dark skin spoils marital prospects for girls is utter bullshit. Look at Michelle Obama. US president married her,” pointed Sharad Yadav, arguing that he was sure Indian men also thought like him.


Yadav further lashed out at Parsekar for playing a spoilsport at what was a golden opportunity to do ‘Rang Wapsi’ of some Indian women.

“This was in fact blessing in disguise, that nurses without caring about what will happen to their skin, went under sun to protest, and this man by reminding them of their complexion just spoiled the party,” Yadav said angrily.

“Out here in Bihar, we deliberately don’t fulfill wishes and demands of female section of the society, so that they are forced to protest under sun and get dark complexioned, thereby becoming dusky beauties. This BJP leader ought to learn from us,” the JDU leader said, once again justifying how their break up from NDA was indeed a right decision.

Sharad Yadav now intends to gatecrash into Goa assembly and debate with Goa CM and his MLAs about skin color of women in India, and how steps should be taken to ensure dark skinned women don’t become extinct.

“The only positive part about Parsekar’s statement is that there is at least one politician in this country who thinks that complexion is very much a debatable topic and much more important than corruption or any other issue,” Yadav said as he left for Goa.