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Sharad Yadav to launch 'Dark and Lovely' cream in Indian market, to apply on fair skinned female MPs first

17, Mar 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Renowned female complexion expert and women body enthusiast Sharad Yadav has today announced launch of ‘Dark and lovely’ skin cream in Indian market.

Sad that nobody decided to take him seriously in the parliament and instead wanted to focus on trivial things like FDI in insurance sector, Yadav chose to take this path to get his thoughts across.

The product however already exists in African market and makers of the same approached Yadav, impressed with his conviction and how he stood by his thoughts for two consecutive sessions in Rajya Sabha.

“Farak dekhiye sirf 5 din mein”

“For years, we were confused as to how we can infiltrate the Indian market as people there are perpetually fairness obsessed. But in Mr Sharad, we found the right brand ambassador for our product and feel he can do wonders in India where even South Indians don’t respect their own skin colour as much as he does,” said spokesperson of ‘Dark and Lovely’ from South Africa.

Immediately after launching the cream, the JDU MP will carry the first tube with him in the Rajya Sabha and apply on the faces of fair skinned women MPs in the parliament.

“I want to end skin color discrimination in this country and what better place to start this noble act than my own workplace,” Sharad Yadav told Faking News, “I will ensure we have no fair skinned MP left in the parliament.”

Yadav further said that he was ready to listen to counter remarks in the debate session, provided they come from dusky complexioned colleagues and thus by applying this cream he was only ensuring that he isn’t compelled to say “I know what you are” again in the parliament.

Pehle aap apni twacha mere se baat karne ke kaabil banaiye, fir munh kholiye,” declared the dark skin aficionado cum politician, taking a potshot at BJP MP Smriti Irani.

Yadav however rued that he could not do much about the shape of MPs bodies in such a short span of time, but is hopeful of launching a product for that too soon.