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Sheila Dixit excited about going back to her retirement after SP-Congress alliance

17, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: The alliance between Samajwadi Party and Congress is all but finalised ahead of UP elections and the most excited person at the moment is Sheila Dixit. In July last year, Ms Dixit was announced as the CM candidate for Uttar Pradesh by Congress and ever since then, everyone was looking at her as the designated ‘Bali ka bakra’. However, things have changed now with SP-Congress alliance as Congress looks forward to a share of power and Ms Dixit looks forward to going back to her retirement.

Sheila Dixit
Dodged the blame, Thumbs up!

“I am obviously relieved after this development. 6 months back, I expected to travel the state, address a few rallies, take the blame once we finish 4th and then head back to my retirement. Now with the alliance with Samajwadi Party, I won’t be required to attend any rally, they got plenty of big leaders for rallies. Biggest relief is that I won’t be required to take the blame for 4th place since there won’t even be a 4th place now. It is 1-2-3 now. Don’t think I could have taken the fall once more after Delhi”, Ms Dixit told our reporter.

When asked about her future plans, Ms Dixit said ,”Well I am looking forward to a quiet, peaceful life now away from the politics. Of course Arvind Kejriwal is going to send me to jail at some point so I have to stay prepared for that as well. Apart from that, I just want to relax and enjoy my time.”

Asked to comment on the ongoing tussle between Akhilesh and his father, Sheila ji snapped and said ,”Hey I am looking forward to time away from politics and you want me to comment on the Samajwadi politics that even politicians are struggling to understand?”

Meanwhile, Congress has clarified to Samajwadi Party that in case of a win, at least 50% of the credit must go to Rahul Gandhi while the blame can be freely assigned by Akhilesh Yadav in case of any loss.