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Sheila Dixit removes Arvind Kejriwal from Facebook friends list

07, Feb 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Former Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dixit has made the current Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal a former friend of hers on Facebook.

Sources confirm that Sheila removed Kejriwal as friend after Delhi government ordered a fresh FIR into a case related to the CWG scam.

“Even though the FIR didn’t name her, Sheila felt really bad and removed him from her friends’ list,” a close aide of the Congress leader told Faking News, “She will block him if the investigations point any finger at her.”

Sheila Dixit
Good old days when She used to ‘like’ everything

The aide claimed that the decision of Sheila was not taken in any haste or anger.

“She waited for a few hours hoping Kejriwal will take a U-turn. She was bit relieved to know that she was not directly named in the FIR. But she was not happy with the U-turn. So she took a U-turn from being friends to no-friends,” the aide explained.

The aide disclosed that it was Sheila who had originally added Kejriwal as a friend on Facebook after receiving thousands of pokes from him a couple of years ago.

“She thought it would be fun to add him,” her aide said, “Kejriwal would post daily updates like ‘Sheila bijli companiyon ki dalaal hai’ and she would comment ‘LOL’ on those updates.”

“She was having fun.”

“She did not unfriend him even after Kejriwal announced that he would fight elections against her, as she kept on ‘liking’ such updates. She was taking it as a Facebook game,” the aide recalled the friendly relationship between Sheila and Kejriwal.

The aide conceded that the former CM did feel like unfriending Kejriwal when she and her party lost the assembly elections badly, but she continued to be friends because unfriending was not sanctioned by the party high command.

“However, she didn’t wait for high command approval and removed him after this CWG case reopening,” the aide disclosed, “The high command these day doesn’t listen to Sheila much. Her picture in which she had tagged Sonia Gandhi and herself together is still pending approval.”

As a result of this unfriending, Arvind Kejriwal is now left with Sandeep Dixit as a “mutual friend” with Sheila Dixit on Facebook. He is also left with an orkut testimonial from Sheila as the only sign of their old friendship. Sources say that Kejriwal still uses orkut as he finds it less VIP than Facebook.