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Shibu Soren now claims he is the Governor of Jharkhand

01, Jun 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Ranchi. JMM leader Shibu Soren just can’t accept that he has actually lost the post of power in Jharkhand after President’s Rule in the state was approved by President Pratibha Patil. Now Soren has claimed that he was the Governor of the state and he should have the rights to oversee the legislative and executive powers in the state. As always, Soren has not divulged the details.

“I am the Governor.” said Soren, giving jitters to the existing Jharkhand Governor M O H Farooq, who reportedly made frenetic calls to the center to confirm if Soren had struck some kind of deal with the Congress to stay in power, as earlier he had voted in favor of the UPA government during cut motions in the Parliament.

Shibu Soren
Shibu Soren declaring himself as the Governor

Though the government sources in Delhi denied any such development, Soren kept insisting that he was the new governor and ‘nobody could remove him from his post’ and that he will ‘complete his full term’.

“I will serve my people at any cost. I’m the Governor and will join office tomorrow and continue to discharge my duties.” declared Guruji, as Soren is fondly called for his intellect, to the bewilderment of everyone.

“Even BJP had announced that they’d have their own CM. Did that happen? How can Congress have its own Governor then?” Soren put forward the sound logic behind his strong belief.

While his latest statements have confused everyone, experts believe that Soren is suffering from BIPS (Being In Power Syndrome, not Bipasha Basu) as somehow he has always managed to be the king or the kingmaker despite having lost elections and even being convicted for murder earlier.

But Soren supporters deny that their leader’s outbursts were results of BIPS or any other malady that he could be suffering. They have instread termed such insinuations as a result of ‘feudal mentality’ of the experts.

“Why can’t Guruji be Governor? It’s a conspiracy against poor tribals.” Madhu Munda, a JMM supporter said.

Although it sounds absurd, but given the turn of events in the past few weeks that were witnessed in Jharkhand politics, everyone is waiting for Wednesday morning to see who enters the office of the Governor and takes charge of the state.