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Shinde clarifies his crushing media remark again, says he often speaks without his own knowledge

25, Feb 2014 By indianpsycho

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“Guys dont take me seriously”

New Delhi. Issuing second clarification within a span of 3 hours, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has now claimed that he is suffering from a chronic disease which makes him utter mindless statements on and off without his own knowledge.

Shinde had earlier claimed in a rally that he will crush electronic media only to backtrack later and clarify that he meant social media.

He confessed that he realized he must have again said something stupid only when he saw people outraging on Twitter.

“I urge my fans and audience not to take such statements on face value. They often come out of my mouth without my knowledge,” Shinde said appealing to media gathered at the conference twice.

“Without any knowledge whatsoever of the subject too,” his PA quickly added.

He further urged people to wait for at least 3-4 clarifications in future before finally accepting the actual version of what he meant.

“Both the times when I talked about crushing electronic and social media I may have meant crushing my media player which of late has been downloading and playing lot of anti-congress videos from the internet without my knowledge,” clarified Shinde twice leaving some further scope for a u-turn and clarification.

Shinde gave a very stern look twice when some media persons brought to his notice that he has now used ‘without the knowledge’ card more often that ‘secularism’ card.

He was immediately dragged away from the conference by senior congress leader before he could call everyone there Yeda.

“We thought for a moment he may actually crush us,” revealed a cameraman present at the conference who was still shivering.

Meanwhile this latest clarification from Shinde has left some of the top journalists who are active on Twitter totally confused. According to reports these journalists had started celebrating after Shinde vowed to crush “Social Media”.