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Shinde requests terrorists to attack on days he has no social commitments

28, Oct 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi. Facing criticism over attending music launch of a film after bomb blasts in Patna, Home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has made public the list of his appointments for the rest of the year.

He has requested all the terror organizations to avoid indulging in terror activities on those particular days when he has a prior appointment such as inaugurating some fashion show or attending birthday parties.

Sushil Kumar Shinde
Home Minister in Mumbai after serial blasts in Patna

Earlier, Mr. Shinde was severely criticized by everyone for choosing to attend the music release of Kangna Ranaut’s film Rajjo even after receiving the news of bomb blasts in Bihar.

This is not the first time that Mr. Shinde has received such criticism. In May this year, he was questioned for staying back in the USA even after the deadly Naxal attack on Congress leaders in Chhattisgarh.

Speaking to the journalists while releasing this list, Mr. Shinde said, “See, as a Home minister I do have certain commitments and I must meet them. Do you want a home minister who makes a promise and then doesn’t keep them? I had promised that I will be at this music launch and I was there. Now how was I supposed to know that there will be a terror attack on the same day?”

“I am issuing this list so that terror outfits make note of the days when I am busy and avoid any nefarious activity on those particular days. I am open to working on Sundays. I am willing to work at night too as I displayed after Hyderabad blasts, but please don’t make me cancel my appointments,” Mr. Shinde requested the terrorists.

When this Faking News reporter asked why he is giving a window to terrorists instead of working to ensure there are no terror attacks, Mr. Shinde replied, “See, as Rahul Gandhi ji had said, 99% of the terror attacks can be stopped but 1% will get through. I just want that 1% to happen when I am not occupied in something important.”

In another related development, Sources reveal that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar called up Sushil Shinde to thank him for diverting the outrage towards him.