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Shiv Khera decides not to gift his book “You Can Win” to Rahul Gandhi

27, Dec 2014 By Kesaria Vilayati

New Delhi. Famous author, motivational speaker Shiv Khera has created a storm by deciding not to gift his book “You Can Win” to Rahul Gandhi.

A press release by Khera has confirmed the development. When asked by our reporters whether the repetitive loss of Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi in the state elections prompted this move, Khera answered in the negative. He, in fact, came up with an innovative reason that since the sales copies were finished, he could not gift the book to the junior Gandhi.

Exceptions are always there.

However, no one is buying that argument from Shiv Khera. As per analysts, the real reason behind not gifting the book to Rahul Gandhi was that Khera did not want to damage the credentials of the book.

“His book is supposed to have helped many a people win, and this was the USP he did not want to disturb by gifting the book to Rahul Gandhi,” a close aide of Mr. Khera told Faking News.

BJP was the first party to comment on this event. A party spokesperson said that no book could ever help Rahul Baba win an election. The joke doing the round was that Rahul Gandhi’s situation was similar to MS Dhoni’s situation in Australia – reading “You Can Win” will make no impact.

On the other hand, this is seen as a setback to Rahul Gandhi who was looking forward to learn some winning tactics to win an election and stem the slide in his popularity.

Sources close to the development mentioned that after losses in the national elections and repeated setbacks in four state elections, Rahul Gandhi wanted to take a 3-month break to read the book, and rejuvenate and reinvent himself to prepare for the upcoming battle. With the option gone, he will have no option but to lead the party again in Delhi elections in January 2015.

In fact, Congress leaders are dreading this situation. The very prospect of Rahul Gandhi taking a 3 month break for reading the book brought shine in their eyes. They thought that, with Rahul away, they now stand a chance in Delhi elections. But Shiv Khera has acted as a spoilsport.

Congress now plans to organize countrywide protests against Shiv Khera. The dates will be announced soon by the high command.

Leading TV leader of Congress, Sanjay Jha, mocked Shiv Khera for his decision, “Mr. Khera himself couldn’t win from the South Delhi seat in the 2004 general elections. He should rather learn from our leader Rahul Gandhi, who is leading 44-0 against him.”

Rahul Gandhi and Shiv Khera remained unavailable for comment.