Friday, 3rd April, 2020


Shiv Sena opposes union budget, seen as a sign of alliance again by political observers

03, Feb 2018 By RT

Mumbai. A day after the Union budget, Shiv Sena severely criticized the budget announcements. This is a clear sign of political alliance between Shiv Sena and BJP, says the political observers from the state.

“It is but natural for Shiv Sena to critically oppose anything that BJP does when both the parties are in alliance. After the parties have parted ways not long ago, these comments from the Sena clearly indicate the love affair between the natural allies, coming back for this Valentine’s day. Soon there will be an announcement of the alliance again and then the abuse on BJP by Shiv Sena will intensify,” a political observer told Faking News.

“Earlier there was a declaration by UNESCO that Shiv Sena – BJP alliance is the eighth wonder of the world. The organisation was stumped to learn that 2 political parties can be in an alliance while one of them abuses the other and the other one rarely reacts. Almost like an abusive marital relationship. ‘The two parties are calling themselves natural allies is something unnatural even for UNESCO standards’, the organisation then observed,” he further added.

“The Tamil Nadu government praising the budget is suspicious. Almost validates that the state government is a puppet of the centre. Nitish praising it also is suspicious as there’s a compulsion. However, Sena opposing the budget is the most suspicious of all. The alliance is just around the corner. Even Yash Sinha did not have this much stronger views on the subject” the political observer concluded with a nationwide analysis.

Meanwhile, the workers from both the parties are confused as hell on how to react to the top authorities’ attacks on each other, it is learnt by Faking News.