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Shiv Sena says it will support or oppose Valentines Day depending on the stand taken by BJP on the issue

13, Feb 2018 By @jurnoleast

Just a day for Valentines but Shiv Sena has not given any conformation on whether it will support or oppose V-Day celebrations in Mumbai. The party says that all depends on the stand taken by the BJP.

“If BJP supports it we will oppose and if  they oppose we will support,” said party member and spokesperson Sanjay Raut. A few days back a group  of youngsters had written a letter to Uddhav Thackeray to find out the mood in Shiv Sena regarding V-day. “There is no point in making plans when Sena workers land up at your place and protest,” said Avinash Kaul, a third year engineering student who was celebrating Valentines Day for the first time.

Shiv Sena chief criticized the BJP for taking too much time in making their stand clear on V-day. “They (BJP) are using delaying tactics. Why cant they say if they are supporting or opposing Valentines Day. This delay is making things difficult for us too,” said Uddhav Thackeray.

“We even hired goons…I mean extra manpower to protest against western culture just in case PM Modi says anything remotely supportive of Valentines Day. They all will be on bench now. Aur ye kehte hai sabko rozgar milega. Agar inse pakode bhi talvau toh kaun khayega itne saare pakode,” he added while making his displeasure obvious.

While speaking to our reporter a BJP spokesperson refused to divulge any information regarding the party’s stand but said that a special Mann Ki Baat on the 14th would help clear the air.