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Shiv Sena sends a delegation to Kashmir to learn from PDP on how to troll BJP

03, Mar 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Having so far failed to embarrass and irritate BJP to the level PDP trolled it in the matter of last few days, BJP’s ally cum opposition Shiv Sena has decided to send a delegation to Kashmir to learn the art of trolling from its PDP counterparts.

If sources are to be believed, initially there was an unsaid competition between PDP and Shiv Sena as to who will troll BJP better, then dejected Shiv Sainiks just gave up.

“Within 2 days of their alliance, PDP through their actions and statements showed us ki baap baap hota hai,” confessed a Shiv Sena leader under the conditions of anonymity.

“Modi ji, it was nice trolling you”

Reportedly Shiv Sena was impressed with the refined and sophisticated manner in which PDP trolled and embarrassed their alliance partner.

“Unlike us, PDP keeps it very much verbal. Out in Kashmir, they don’t go about doing things like pelting stones, damaging public property or burning buses, as such things are already taken care of by locals. PDP doesn’t get into all this. They focus more on strategic aspect of trolling BJP. We need to learn that art from them,” said Uddhav Thackeray as he flagged off a cadre of Shiv Sainiks to Srinagar.

PDP too has welcomed Shiv Sena’s eagerness to learn and has assured full co-operation.

“They too have been given a mandate to troll BJP by voters in Maharashtra. We respect that and will only teach them and not other parties like NCP or MNS,” PDP chief Mufti Sayeed told Faking News.

Mufti is however aware how sight of anything related to Pakistan can get on the nerves of Shiv Sainiks.

“We know how on seeing some Pakis or listening to statements where we praise Pakis or separatists, some shiv sainiks may lose their cool and start digging up roads, grounds, basically whatever they can lay their hands on. Therefore arrangements are being made to ensure such untoward things don’t happen,” the newly anointed CM of J&K disclosed.

Experts claim that both these parties can only stand to improve their trolling skills from each other’s inputs.

“They remind me of Johnny Lever’s character in Dulhe Raja, where he assured his boss Kader Khan that he was on his side but had his fingers pointed somewhere else,” said one such expert.