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Shiv Sena supporter on Twitter follows BJP supporting friend yet again after unfollowing him thrice

02, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

Thane. Continous flip flops of Shiv Sena with regards to their decision to support BJP in Maharashtra seem to be taking toll on their supporters on Social Media.

After latest reports of Shiv Sena climbing down from their earlier position to join BJP led state govt by accepting lesser portfolios, a confused Shiv Sena supporter today followed his BJP supporting friend on Twitter for the 4th time in the last 2 weeks.

“My actions in real life and virtual world should reflect my support to party and endorse whatever decisions they take,” the twitter handle @Udhhav4PM argued, justifying his recent follow.

@Uddhav4PM has this photo as his header on Twitter.
@Uddhav4PM has this photo as his header on Twitter.

He however remained non-committal when asked if this was the final follow or there could still be many more unfollows and follows in store.

“Situation is so dicey nowadays that I have to consistently be on Twitter 24/7 to replicate my party’s decision on social media. Sometimes I wonder if I am supporting Shiv Sena or AAP,” he told Faking News.

“I have many other BJP supporting friends on Twitter. Following and unfollowing each one of them so frequently exhausts my fingers completely and leaves me with no time to do anything else,” he explained why his profile had only 6 tweets to his credit in the last 2 weeks.

Meanwhile the BJP supporting friend is confused what has got his Shiv Sena supporting friend following him again.

“Earlier when he would follow me after unfollowing, I would check if I have, by mistake, tweeted something pro-Shiv Sena or if somebody hacked my account to send some DM to him, but not any longer,” he added.

The BJP supporter further disclosed that how once his Shiv Sena supporting friend had threatened to unfollow him until he gave him an #FF.

“I am yet to agree to that demand of his, but don’t know why he has followed me again,” he quipped.

Meanwhile after experiencing a consistently tumultuous relationship for past few months, BJP and Shiv Sena have decided to jointly open a relationship counseling center once they are together.