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Shouting MPs become quiet after Sumitra Mahajan threatens to invite Arnab as a guest speaker for one day

01, Aug 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

The monsoon session of the lok sabha has not been a productive one. The ruckus created by opposition on matters of Lynching, horse trading of MLAs and other issues has not allowed the lower house to function efficiently. SO mush so that speaker Sumitra Mahajan had to issue a threat in the house saying that she will invite Arnab Goswami as a guest speaker if the MPs don’t stay quiet. And to her surprise, there was a pin drop silence and functioning improved.


Arnab has been a nightmare for the political class and people generally don’t have the courage to speak when he is conducting a debate. His debates are started by him, carried forward by him and even concluded by him, and similar situation is required in the parliament for passing of many important bills and laws. Sumitra Mahajan, who has tried her level best in controlling the aggressive MPs, sometimes even suspending some of them, felt that the last resort would be to invite ARnab for a day. Hearing the threat from the speaker, most of the MPs apologized for their behavior and promised that they will never shout in their life.

Even the ruling MPs of the BJP stayed quiet and din’t celebrate the silence as they knew that facing Arnab is a tough task for them too. As soon as Arnab heard about the proceedings in the Lok Sabha, he has been busy preparing the list of topics he can debate inside the parliament. According to him, an opportunity may arise soon and he should be thoroughly prepared with his content. He has even increased the number of prime time debates in his show to practice for his debut appearance inside the Lok Sabha.