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Sidhu starts a New School “Bachchaaz-e-Punjab” which will not have exams

22, Sep 2016 By sagarcasm

Amritsar: After forming a new political forum that will not contest elections like other political parties, Navjot Singh Sidhu has started a school that will not run like a school. Cricketer-turned-politician-turned-laughter track Sidhu announced on Wednesday that he has started a new school for kids called “Bachchaaz-e-Punjab” which will not conduct any exams.

Chak De Phatte

Addressing the media at a press conference, Sidhu said, “A lot of children from Punjab appear for board exams. I don’t want to ruin the ranks of children from other schools by increasing competition. Instead, kids from my school will supply chits to students of other schools who are appearing in board exams.”

“To instill this habit amongst children, we will not conduct any exams from the very first year of their schooling”, he added.

Legendary cricketer Kapil Dev was invited as the chief guest for the opening ceremony of the school. When asked about the idea of not having exams, Kapil said, “I am not sure if this is a good concept, but this is definitely not a bad concept.”

Sources close to Sidhu have said that Bachchaaz-e-Punjab will have very different subjects of study. The major subjects that the students will study will be cricket, comedy and clapping.

The school’s Morning Prayer will be replaced by ‘Shaayris’. Since laughter is the best medicine, children will be asked to laugh on poor jokes of Sidhu to stay healthy.

Teachers of Bachchaaz-e-Punjab will be addressed as “O Guru”, teachers may also be allowed to beat up kids under the “Thoko Thoko” law of Sidhuism. If rumours are to be believed, comedian Kapil Sharma might be seen as a guest faculty here.

Every year, the school will have a social gathering where students will do stand-up comedy and the audience will be forced to bang the table instead of clapping.

After the successful opening of the school, Sidhu will now enter the manufacturing sector. He will produce a very innovative product that nobody has made till now – A Mobile Phone that does not have a calling feature.