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Similar to Salman's Bajrangi Bhaijaan, even SRK was forced to make Asoka with no Muslims appearing in that film, to appease Bhakts - Film Expert

19, Jul 2015 By manithan

Mumbai: Film Expert Archana Singh, who had earlier endorsed a movie review that Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a “forced” film of Salman Khan to cater to Bhakts, has now delivered yet another amazing punch to the Hindu trolls that Shahrukh Khan was also forced to face a similar situation, when Hindutva government was in power during last decade.

A Hindutvavadi was threatening to remove eyes of Shahrukh, when SRK said he can't be controlled
A Hindutvavadi was threatening to remove eyes of Shahrukh, when SRK said he can’t be controlled

Speaking to Faking News, Archana Singh said, “Today, I read an online review that Salman Khan was forced to play the role of Sanghi in his film, so that it can pass the Censor Board. It is widely known that Censor Board was hijacked by Sanghis who wanted to spread the ideology of RSS across the nation.

They want every other Indian to be a walking and talking Sanghi. Poor Salman Khan had to bend down and crawl to push his film for an Eid release. And by acting as a Hindutvavadi, Salman is made to lose his Muslim fan base, which was already usurped by Owaisi last year. This is indeed the start of Emergency as envisioned by our intellectuals.”

She continued, “You might wonder whether this is something specific to Modi. It can be, owing to the fact that, we are currently living in a fascist rule, where nobody can criticise this government and logoff Twitter peacefully. Coming back to the topic, this is not something new. During NDA rule under Vajpayee, RSS was indeed holding Bollywood film industry under its grip. They forced a Muslim, Shahrukh Khan, to produce and act in a movie called Asoka that has no Muslims appearing in the entire film.”

“Back then as a teenager, I was whistling and gushing at the charm of SRK. But, I got a chance to watch Asoka film few weeks back and I could now see a lot of Hindutva restrictions that were forced into that movie. The major point, as I said, there was not even a single Muslim in that film.  Also, there were no Christians, and Sikhs. There is no depiction of minorities in a Bollywood movie that is supposed to cater to audience across all religions. Also, the movie ends with the protagonist embracing Buddhism. We should connect the dots here. Hope you remember the Rakhine riots in Burma, where Rohingya muslims were massacred. It has the involvement of Buddhist extremists. As birds of same feather flock together, a movie shows only Hindus and Buddhists; and a minority hero is forced to produce and act in the movie,” shrugged Archana with a bitter expression.

Before ending the interview, she said, “It is high time intellectuals, seculars and liberals of India unite and send a strong message to other secular nations of world and United Nations that artistic expression of India is in danger due to the rising Hindutva sphere of influence in almost all areas.”