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Since everyone else is a ‘Chowkidaar’, I will sacrifice by accepting the PM post: LK Advani

22, Mar 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: With the election campaign for Lok Sabha 2019 in full swing, political parties are coming up with new ideas every day to connect with the voters. Once such idea is the Chowkidaar campaign from BJP which showcases Narendra Modi and his ministers as the protectors of the country.


Everyone from PM and BJP President to various ministers and even online supporters have added the prefix Chowkidaar to their names. Now with everyone becoming a Chowkidaar, one senior politician has seen this as an opportunity to finally realise his goal of becoming the Prime Minister.

Speaking to the media after a long break, veteran politician LK Advani said, “I really appreciate this chowkidar campaign by my party and am really happy to see all of them becoming Chowkidaars. I have always encouraged youngsters in my party to follow their dreams and if they want to become Chowkidaar, then who am I to object. However, this creates a problem about the vacancy that will be left in the PM Office. Since I don’t want any youngster to skip the campaign, I am willing to sacrifice for the nation and the party and this campaign, and become the Prime Minister if BJP wins this election.”

“I have never held any ambition to become the Prime Minister, but since the situation is such that no senior leader is available, I have to accept my destiny and wake up at least once in 7, Lok Kalyan Marg”, Mr. Advani said.

When asked what if the BJP doesn’t win the election, Mr. Advani said,” Fir ye sab ke sab Chowkidaar banne ke hi laayak hain.”