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Six bills to be passed in remaining days of winter session, Govt. to toss coin and decide

22, Dec 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: With just a few days left for the end of the winter session and passage of crucial bills seems nowhere in sight, BJP Govt. in a desperate measure has now decided to toss coin and decide whether to pass the bills or not.

PM Modi ready checking the coin in his pocket for the Coin Toss session
PM Modi checking the coin in his pocket for the Coin Toss session

Speaker today announced that instead of a regular session, the Parliament will have a special ‘Coin Toss session’

Speaking to Faking News a senior BJP MP said, “The way opposition parties are behaving, I don’t think we can get any work done in winter session. So we have are planning to toss coin in the Parliament and then accept or reject bills in a single go. A special session is scheduled tomorrow and luckily since PM Modi is also in the country, we are hoping that the will start the session by the first coin toss by the PM himself.”

“I think we are entering a new era of Parliamentary discussions where time is of essence and such innovative practices are the need of the hour,” said Speaker of the Parliament as he gave the green signal for the coin to be flipped.

Our sources who were present in the Parliament said that PM Modi tossed the coin up and no sooner it started falling, Rahul Gandhi screamed saying ‘Rupee is falling, the economy is in bad shape. PM must answer. PM must resign’. And there was ruckus in the Parliament once again.

APP leader Kejriwal too jumped on a chance to criticize the government. “So much black lying outside the country and Modiji is tossing coins. I request Modiji to get all the coins that are lying in swiss bank accounts first,” he said while simultaneously replying to Ashutosh’s query on the number of zeros in 10 Cr.

Following the chaos, Speaker decided to adjourn the Parliament for another 2 hours

Meanwhile, Arnab Goswami thundered at the way Parliament functioned when it came to discussion on crucial bills and criticized MPs for the ‘coin toss’ session.

“It is the same story every session. Like every Shahrukh Khan movie, our Parliament too has nothing new to offer. Sambit Patra, I am asking today, is this a cricket match that you will toss the coin and make decisions. I want you to apologize to the people of the country,” screamed Mr. Goswami as Sambit Patra was seen stuffing his ears with cotton.