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Slum dwellers request protesting Gujjars to vacate rail tracks for their use in morning

25, May 2015 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Jaipur: As the Gujjar protest blocking the rail tracks enters fourth day giving innocent railway passengers a torrid time, a little humanitarian crisis is brewing in the nearby slum areas. Like any other slum, here also most of the people rely on railway tracks to do the daily morning rituals.

While Gujjars sat on tracks comfortably, locals are unable to sit comfortably in their own homes. In a desperate plea, their Village Headman Pitambar Kumar PiKu met with Gujjar leaders and requested to leave the tracks for 2 hours in the morning for the locals. But Gujjars refused the proposal by saying, “PK ho kya?? Ye protest hai, koi Janata Pariwar nahi hai jaha koi bhi apni demand le ke chala aata hai.”

No place for villagers to relieve themselves.
No place for slum dwellers to relieve themselves.

Shaitaan Khopdi™ interviewed PiKu to understand the situation.

“Railway is the lifeline of the nation and these tracks are lifeline for our people. Nobody understands this better than us. Ek din ke liye lifeline band ho jaye to halat kharab ho jati hai. Our day starts with the whistle of Jaipur Bandra AC special which passes through around 5:30 AM. That triggers the bio alarms in whole locality. By the time Jaipur-Agra Shatabdi leaves at 7, we all are done. Yaha ke bacche bacche ko train time table jabaani yaad ho rakha hai,” PiKu informed us with pride in his eyes.

“These Gujjars have made life difficult for us. This is human rights violation,” PiKu added.

“Did you talk to any NGO’s to intervene?” asked Shaitaan Khopdi™. PiKu told that several NGO’s gave positive response and have sent their volunteers through the earliest train available. All of them are stuck in the route since trains they were travelling in got delayed because of Gujjar agitation. However they have assured that as soon as agitation gets over and trains start running, volunteers will reach here to help us.

Meanwhile Rahul Gandhi has decided to give his voice to the agitation. “We have seen in last several years how difficult it becomes to get reservation in trains; especially during summers. Therefore I fully support Gujjar community’s demand for quota in train reservations,” explained Rahul to the cheering crowd.