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Smriti Irani fails to solve a quadratic equation on first day in office, subordinates protest

28, May 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. If reports from HRD ministry office are to be believed, their new chief, Smriti Irani failed to solve a rather simple quadratic equation on the first day in her office.

The incident happened when Smriti attempted to log into her system when instead of password, it asked her to solve a quadratic equation in order to proceed. The former TV actress failed to solve it, thus proving her detractors right that her educational qualifications were not sufficient.

Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam asked Smriti to go back to dancing on TV.
Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam asked Smriti to go back to dancing on TV.

She could start work only after one of her subordinates who solved it for her. The subordinate later revealed that the equation was planted into the system by former HRD minister Kapil Sibal with the intent to check knowledge and educational levels of next HRD minister.

Sources tell Faking that the outgoing HRD minister Pallam Raju was regularly given cheat codes by Sibal to solve such equations.

Since Smriti doesn’t have those cheat codes and nor has she educational qualifications, bureaucrats in HRD ministry, who have been devoting all their office time solving complex polynomial equations, are not very sure of how she will perform.

“Even though Sibal ji couldn’t do anything worthwhile in his tenure, but at least he was able to solve even the most complex quadratic equations with aplomb, which gave us a belief that we were being led by a highly qualified man,” Mani Shankar, a bureaucrat explained how he felt it degrading to be led by a person who couldn’t even complete her graduation through correspondence.

“Being Harvard educated, Sibal ji at times would even turn up in his sweat shirt which used to further bolster our confidence of being led by a foreign educated man,” Shankar went on to explain.

As soon as the news of Smriti unable to undertake such routine work spread, Congress criticized her appointment again.

“We told you she knows nothing. How can a person who can’t even come up with a quadratic formula, be expected to come up with formula for development of Human resource,” Ajay Maken said blasting Smriti once again.

In fact, this time Ajay Maken didn’t just stop at criticizing Smriti; he went on to slam other cabinet ministers as well.

“I have just been told that Modi has given Child Development ministry to Maneka Gandhi who is at least 40 years past being a child,” Maken pointed out.