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Sohrabuddin case: ex-criminal to turn civilian in the court

26, Jul 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In a major breakthrough for the CBI, former extortionist and hardened criminal Sohrabuddin Sheikh is all set to turn into an innocent civilian in the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case. Sohrabuddin, who is dead now as a result of that encounter, would be helped by media reports and political rhetoric in this transformation, thus strengthening the case against Amit Shah, former Minister of State for Home in Gujarat.

“Application for the same on behalf of Late Mr. Sheikh has been moved in the court and we hope the honorable court would allow Mr. Sheikh to be identified as a civilian for the rest of the hearings,” CBI lawyer argued, producing a latest news report by BBC as a corroborative proof, where Sohrabuddin is termed as ‘Muslim civilian’, and another report by NDTV where he is referred to as ‘a young Muslim man’.

Sohrabuddin Sheikh
Ex-criminal Sohrabuddin is all set to become a civilian posthumously

Experts say that the transformation of Sohrabuddin into a ‘Muslim civilian’ will help the case immensely as this otherwise textbook case of police-politician-criminal nexus would acquire the shades of a case like Batla House encounter of Delhi, and hence would attract numerous activists to volunteer for getting the guilty punished for his crimes.

“Everyone is talking about politics and power, but I tell you the real issue here is money, rokda! Some shit must have happened over the distribution of contract killing money among the parties involved, and now the shit is hitting the roof,” Daya Nayak, an expert on encounter killings, argued.

“Anyway, it’s good that Sohrabuddin is turning into a civilian or else it would have shifted the focus to police-politician-criminal nexus. This is a win-win situation for everyone as business can continue in the real world,” Daya added.

Meanwhile Congress leader Digvijay Singh has welcomed the scheduled transformation of Sohrabuddin into a civilian as a welcome step and has hoped that the development would help weed out communalism from the society, whereas BJP has termed the development as an ‘attack on Hindus’.