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Some Orissa MLA could be a self-transforming snake

24, Jul 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Bhubaneswar. Various people have expressed concerns and fears over the possibility of a certain Orissa MLA being an Ichchhadhaari Naag (self-transforming snake). Such concerns were raised after a snake was spotted by a few people inside the State Assembly on Thursday morning. A massive search operation followed to catch the snake but the Assembly staff could not even spot the elusive snake again. This gave rise to speculations that the snake was actually some MLA who had the will power of transforming shapes.

An artist's impression of the self-transforming snake MLA
An artist's impression of the self-transforming snake MLA

“How can a snake simply vanish in the Assembly? We all know that after attack on the Parliament, all places visited by politicians were made absolutely safe and secure. It simply can’t happen that the security could be breached by a lowly snake. It must have been the work of an insider and the only logical conclusion is that some member of the house is actually a snake!” an Assembly staff told on conditions of anonymity.

The possibility of a self-transforming snake sharing the benches with them has left the Orissa MLAs worried and upset. The members have asked the Speaker to call an emergency meeting with mandatory attendance of all members, where a snake-charmer would inspect all the MLAs for being a snake. The snake-charmer would blow his been (a flute like instrument with a bulging belly) causing the self-transforming snake MLA to involuntarily start dancing to his tunes, thus getting spotted.

But some members have objected to the idea of MLAs being given the certificate of being a human by a snake-charmer. These members believe that such a step violated the privileges enjoyed by the distinguished representatives of the citizens of India.

“It’s an exercise in futility. Even if some MLA is a snake, how does it matter? No MLA or MP can be disqualified or arrested for being a snake! First of all let there be a law in this country barring poisonous beings from entering state Assemblies or the Parliament. In absence of such a law, even if any MLA is identified as snake, what purpose will it serve?” Nagnath, an independent MLA opined.

But not many people are yet ready to believe the self-transforming snake theory. These people refuse to believe that an MLA could have such a strong will power to self-transform his or her bodily shapes. Instead they believe that the snake was actually an “aasteen ka saanp” and must have sneaked into the sleeves of some MLA.