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Son of Congress leader takes his father’s “clean chit” to exam, fails

19, Apr 2013 By diggyleaks

New Delhi. Clean chits are not always relieving. Sometimes they can turn out to be disastrous too. In a similar such incident, son of a prominent Congress leader took his father’s clean chit to his examination hall, mistaking it with his ‘nakal chit’ or cheat-sheet, and had to return leaving his answer-sheet as clean as the chit he had carried.

The “clean chit” was issued to the father by a central investigating agency probing serious corruption charges against him. But it got mixed up with the cheat-sheet that was being prepared by a team of senior bureaucrats to help the son with his exams.

Clean Chit
The clean chit that didn’t help the next generation

“Senior bureaucrats help senior politicians with such household works to get promotion and plum postings, and rewards post retirement,” a government source explained.

As a result of this blunder, the usually meritorious son failed the examination. His failure was confirmed by sudden CBI raids on the rented apartment of his examiner in the wee hours of Thursday, after which he was arrested in a disproportionate assets case.

The charge framed against the examiner – a schoolmaster – is possessing a second hand scooter, affording fuel for which is quite disproportionate to what he could save from his meager salary in these times of inflation.

“The charges against him are very serious, and we suspected that he may have hidden much more inside his house,” a CBI officer told Faking News.

When confronted with questions while being shoved into the police van, the accused denied the charges against him.

“I buy the petrol for my scooter from the money I earn by giving tuitions at evenings. And what would I hide inside my home when I cannot afford to hide my greying hair with some dye, thanks to mehengaayi daayan!” lamented the schoolmaster defending himself.

The schoolmaster’s defense is reported to have been rejected by the CBI and the accused is unlikely to get a clean chit unless he agrees to pass the junior Congress leader ignoring the latter’s blank answer-sheet.