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Sonia Gandhi asks Unnao sadhu to find hidden talents in Rahul Gandhi

19, Oct 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. Impressed with Swami Sobhan Sarkar’s supernatural ability to sense the presence of hidden treasures, Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi has decided to hire him to help her son Rahul discover his hidden talents.

Swami Sobhan has miraculous power to establish a hotline connection in his dreams with the almighty, who guides him with directions to find valuable assets present in the vicinity.

Rahul Gandhi
Finding it tough to control his happiness.

Sources close to the party reveal that it was Rahul Gandhi’s political guru Digvijay Singh who first suggested Swami Sobhan’s name to Sonia Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi will now stay for near about a month at Swami Ji’s ashram to undergo talent hunt sessions.

“It’s an undeniable fact that Rahul Ji is a talent mine. Fortunately he is still young so even if we discover the talent now, he has enough time to put them to use,” said Digvijay Singh, who was present at Swami Ji’s ashram to review accommodation arrangements for Rahul.

“I hope they will bond well, as they share their love for dreams,” he further said.

A close aide of Swami Ji disclosed that before agreeing to help Rahul, Swami ji paid him a visit to analyze the feasibility of talent excavation.

“He put his hand over Rahul’s head and closed his eyes. For a few seconds everything was still, but all of a sudden Swami Ji received something like an electric shock and was thrown five meters across the room,” the aide told Faking News, “Swami Ji was amazed by such a high density of talent, and he instantaneously accepted the offer.”

Talking to media, Swami Sobhan said that he was quite confident about the talent mining in Rahul’s brain and hoped that by the end of one month, India will certainly get her own Leonardo da Vinci.

“Very soon Rahul will be expert of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and almost every thinkable topic. He will dance like Michael Jackson, act like Al Pacino, fly like Superman, and shout like Sunny Deol,” Swami Ji claimed.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that some over excited Youth Congress workers have already started calling Rahul Gandhi as Raul da Vinci, however they could soon be suspended from the party.