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Sonia Gandhi declares 'Secularism' as an asset while filing nomination

03, Apr 2014 By idiot420

Raebareli. Congress president Sonia Gandhi has declared “Secularism”, speculated to be worth 20 crore votes, as an asset while filing nomination papers for the general elections from her constituency Raebareli.

In the affidavit giving details of assets owned by her, she mentioned it as an immovable property, which she inherited from her in-laws.

Sonia Gandhi Rahul Gandhi
Secularly rich family.

“Yes, it’s indeed an asset for my mother and subsequently an asset for Congress too. My grandmother, my father, my mother, me, and my party have worked really hard to earn it and we are very proud of it,” said Rahul Gandhi who was accompanying Mrs. Gandhi at the district collectorate.

It’s being seen as an attempt by the grand old party to pass a strong message among the minorities of India.

“Look, how much she cares about secularism that she is putting it on the same level as that of money, gold, and real estate. It’s hard to find someone with such a love for secularism,” explained a senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh highlighting Mrs. Gandhi’s level of commitment toward the cause.

To gain a deep insight into how secular affluence is going to help Sonia Gandhi in the upcoming general elections, Faking News talked to famous election analyst Chunavi Chaudhary.

“In the current electoral market, it’s one of the hottest commodity that politicians are trading in. It has power to get you political allies. All you need to do is to keep it close to you, that’s all and it pays high dividend during elections,” described Chunavi Chaudhary.

“Secularism has been a very important asset for Congress and it has helped the party on numerous occasions. And as Sonia Gandhi is trying to get her property certified by Jama Masjid Shahi Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari, it’s value is going to skyrocket for sure,” Mr Chaudhary added further.

Reportedly, Sonia Gandhi has even loaned a bit of secularism to Lalu Yadav, Congress political ally in Bihar. However, Lalu downplayed the claims. “Are budbak, ulta I have given her loan,” Lalu claimed

Meanwhile, Sonia’s property declaration has irked other secular leaders like Mulayam Singh Yadav and Nitish Kumar.

“I am going to drag her to court for declaring mine asset as her own,” said a visibly angry Bihar CM Nitish Kumar.