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SP asks for reservation in private sector jobs for youth whistling at women

27, Mar 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Lucknow. Samajwadi Party has decided to take the fight for social justice to the next battle and has demanded reservations in private jobs for those young men, who can’t help themselves but to whistle at girls found in the industrial houses. The move comes close to the immaculate observation by the party president Mulayam Singh Yadav, who envisioned whistles going left and right in the parliament once Women’s Reservation Bill was passed.

“There is a large percentage of young men who drop jaws when they see chick looking girls, many of whom work in these corporate houses. These young men can’t help but to gawk at these girls and in the process are branded uncultured and unfit for a healthy work atmosphere. This is a clear case of social discrimination.” party spokesperson Rajendra Chaudhry said.

A woman in corporate
Some people think that women working in corporate are devious and make helpless and honest guys whistle at them

Samajwadi Party has demanded that since these whistleblowers (sic) find it tough to crack private job interviews, as they keep on looking at the good looking female HR executives, there should be reservation for such guys in all the private sector jobs. Party has demanded 33% reservation for such guys.

“These women have been dressing up smart and sexy for long and making these poor guys uncomfortable. We could as well have asked for a ban on such women for taking away rights of these unfortunate whistleblowers, but we believe in social justice and there is nothing better way to achieve equality than reservations.” Chaudhry said.

The demand by the party has received mixed reactions from various quarters with corporate India almost unanimous in condemning the idea. Legal experts were divided over the constitutional validity of the demand and pointed out that identification and listing of such whistleblowers might not be an easy job, but a few social scientists have termed the demand worth a deliberation.

“The society has to shed the elitist mentality and dispassionately analyse the issue. If we can have people in the parliament who can whistle at women, what’s wrong if they are given jobs?” argued Rajendra Raju, a thinker.