Stalin asks techies working in Tamil Nadu to give variable names as per Tamil names

30, Jan 2018 By dasu

Chennai: DMK working president M K Stalin not only wants Tamil people to give their children Tamil names, he also wants all the techies working inside Tamil Nadu to use only Tamil names in the variable names of their software code.

“Like kids who do not have Tamil names will not get admission to any schools inside Tamil Nadu, the code where variable names are not written as per my instruction, we will delete them once DMK comes to power,” said M K Stalin.

“If Karnataka development authority can force techies to write code in Kannada, why engineers working here cannot do this small change,” asked Stalin.

Stalin warned BJP at the center not to interfere in the matter, otherwise they would start another 1965 like political agitation to resist the Centre’s Hindi and Sanskrit “imposition” across India.

“Gone are the days when we were dependent on BJP government as our most respected leader A Raja and my sister Kanimozhi were trapped by CBI in the 2G scam trial. Now we have our voices back”, said Stalin to a thunderous applause by DMK party workers.

When we asked a political expert from the state why these ‘recommendations’ coming now, he said, “Like Karnataka ruling party DMK wanted to show their love for Tamil people just before election. Looking at the fragile situation in AIADMK the current government might collapse any moment. Rajinikanth and Kamal have already entered politics. Stalin might have thought he has to take some concrete steps now to show his love for his own people and language”.

Most of the IT companies operating from Chennai, Coimbatore who were on hiring freeze have started recruiting new people. They need to change variable names in existing code to ‘appropriate’ names as Mr. Stalin wants without breaking company’s quality process guidelines.