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Standard & Poor's mulls rating Indian politicians

28, Dec 2013 By Mishtik Journo

Sensing a huge market opportunity presented by the recent Delhi elections, S&P has decided to launch its unique pioneering rating agency for politicians in India.

Hope S&P doesn’t go Taran Adarsh’s way. 

Now voters can have a choice between a AAA rated candidate (who swears by clean governance) and another junk status candidate having a BBB-rating (who offers a bottle of country liquor for your vote).

Arvind Kejriwal is being roped in as the brand ambassador and along with Anna Hazare will also double up as a consultant to S&P for this business.

A candidate’s overall rating shall be determined after evaluating him on various parameters like degree of dishonesty, level of corruption exhibited, public image and effective administration.

“A rated candidate  will have a higher chance of winning than a non –rated one,” said Brian McMillan of S&P while talking to Faking News.

Aspiring candidates from various political parties are likely to queue up before the rating agency for presenting their case for a higher rating.

“Involvement in a scam like Coalgate or 2G will result into a significant downgrade overnight from AAA to BBB or C depending upon the size of the scam,” commented a political big-wig familiar with many scams

It is expected that in due course, by 2019, election commission shall make it mandatory for all candidates to be rated by a duly accredited agency. After S&P, KPMG and Moody’s are also likely to jump into this business shortly.

Congress is contemplating an in house rating agency headed by Sonia ji while other leading national political parties including BJP and the Left have already created infrastructure within their parties to help their candidates with  preparation of application for getting rated.

On the other hand many parties mainly from Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand have contended that the rate of a MP is a better evaluation than a rating. Samajwadi Party and BSP in a joint representation to EC have rubbished the very idea of ratings in toto.

“We shall field those nominated by Rahulji. The rating from the high command is more creditworthy than any ratings from  S&P or Moody’s,” Digvijay Singh along with many Congressmen sang in chorus.