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Statue of Rahul Gandhi to be installed in Amethi so that people see him even after elections

03, May 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

Amethi. After Rahul Gandhi claimed that he, unlike his political opponents, will be seen in Amethi daily even after the Lok Sabha elections, Congress has found out a way to make this promise of their leader true.

The party has decided to install a king size statue of Rahul Gandhi in the Gauriganj area of the Lok Sabha constituency. This will ensure that people of Amethi see Rahul Gandhi daily, even if he is in Delhi or abroad in reality.

“We are calling it the Statue of Development,” a local Congress worker confirmed the development to Faking News, “Construction of the 7-feet tall statue will be completed in 7 months, and Rahul ji will unveil the statue himself on the new year’s eve.”

Sonia Gandhi as Goddess
Statue of Sonia Gandhi has already been installed in Telangana, and now the party leaders want to give the same status to Rahul Gandhi.

Party leaders believe that this step would help Congress a long way, as Rahul Gandhi will be immortalized as a visionary, while the sight of him unveiling his own statue will impress those who have been voting for Mayawati.

When asked why construction of a simple statue was taking so long, the party strategists revealed that it was part of Congress’ idea of showcasing their model of inclusive development and social empowerment.

“We will give jobs to thousands of workers under MNREGA who would be employed in this grand project. They will get employment for seven months!” Amar Sen, a local Congress strategist-cum-economist explained the benefits of the long drawn calendar for statue construction.

Sen further revealed that keeping in mind the vision of Rahul Gandhi, 50% of the laborers contracted in this Rahul Gandhi Pratima Banao Yojna will be women, leading to women empowerment.

The whole project is expected to cost around 70 crore rupees and the UPA government is expected to sanction the project by tonight, even though model code of conduct is in place.

“However, we do fear that the project could be delayed,” Sen revealed.

“No no, delay won’t be due to Election Commission interfering; we are not worried on that aspect,” he clarified, “We may have situation where some RTI queries raise questions on some aspect of the project, and some months are lost in explaining the procedures and decisions.”

“But we have provisioned 50 crore rupees extra for such contingencies, so such delays are not much cause of a concern,” he added, “After all such delay will only show benefits of RTI, another tool of Rahul Gandhi ji.”