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Sudheendra Kulkarni says he will launch e-books in future; Shiv Sainiks threaten to blacken his face with MS Paint

12, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Sudheendra Kulkarni whose face was colored with black paint by Shiv Sainiks ahead of a book launch in Mumbai has said that he will not be cowed down by such incidents and may consider online launch of books in future.

After this incident Mr. Kulkarni has decided to launch only e-books in future
After this incident Mr. Kulkarni has decided to launch only e-books in future

Mr. Kulkarni who chose not to speak anything about the paint attack incident at the book launch, held a special press briefing to speak out on Shiv Sena’s brazen attack on him.

“I am not scared of Shiv Sena. In fact their desperation makes me laugh. All I am concerned about is that my painted face will be flashed across TV screens causing discomfort to a lot of people. So I have decided that I will be launching e-books online in future instead of doing them in person. That way I can launch a book without having to worry about attacks by Shiv Sainiks,” said Mr. Kulkarni wiping his face with a paint remover.

Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut was quick to respond. He said, “We have been and we will protest against book launch or any Pakistani artist performing in India. If Mr. Kulkarni plans to launch an e-book online, will use MS Paint to color his face black. All our sainiks are ready with their laptops and we will do everything possible to protest against him.”

Apparently, Shiv Sena has already distributed laptops among sainiks with specific instruction to blacken faces online of all those who show inclination towards Pakistan and its artistes. “We have made a list of all those who masquerade as liberals and all the resort to is petty politics. Many of them are on twitter, hiding behind anonymous accounts. We will launch an all out ‘DP blackening’ abhiyaan soon,” said a Sainik.

Mr. Kulkarni’s painted face did create some problems for him. Sources close to the politician said that his dogs started barking at him as he tried to enter his own house and his family members too called the police and reported an intruder after seeing him enter.

Meanwhile, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal who had ink thrown at him on several occasions was seen sharing a few tips with Sudheendra Kulkarni on how to get rid of face paint.