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Survey: 90% of Tamil Nadu residents bored after seeing the same CM for two weeks in a row

01, Mar 2017 By sagarcasm

Chennai: A recent survey conducted by Faking News to check ‘Mood of Tamil Nadu Citizens’ has revealed that 90 % Tamilians are bored after seeing the same Chief Minister for the past two weeks.

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No more drama

Since the former CM, late J Jayalalitha unfortunately passed away, Tamil Nadu politics has seen more twists and turns than Pune’s cricket pitch. O Panneerselvam became the stand-in CM for few days. He resigned a few days later and everyone thought that Sasikala will become the next CM. But then OPS dramatically withdrew his resignation becoming the CM once again but Sasikala managed to keep the MLAs on her side through her excellent hospitality in Golden bay Resort.

However, just when Sasikala was preparing to take oath, the Supreme court sentenced her to four years of imprisonment. To everybody’s surprise, E Palanisamy was declared as the next CM. His elevation to the CM chair was so unexpected that there wasn’t even a Wikipedia page in his name when he took oath of office.

Mr. JJ Swamy, a common man from Chennai speaking to Faking News said, “Tamil Nadu politics was so enthralling over the past few weeks. You never knew who would become the CM. The uncertainty made the politics entertaining and exciting.  But now, it is the same CM for 2 weeks in a row, there is no chance of him being replaced either. It has all become a bit boring. To add to the boredom, even the Indian team lost their match within 3 days, leaving such a long gap between 1st and 2nd tests. What should a common man do for entertainment now?”

People are now requesting Rajinikanth to release his upcoming movie 2.0 (Robot-2) as soon as possible, so that they may have some source of entertainment in their lives.