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Swamy challenges Rahul to go without tea for 24 hrs to prove he isn’t British

17, Nov 2015 By Sandeep Kadian

After levelling serious allegations against Rahul Gandhi over his nationality, Senior BJP leader  Subramanian Swamy has thrown a fresh challenge to Rahul Gandhi to prove he isn’t British.

Speaking to the media in Delhi, Mr Swamy challenged Rahul Gandhi to survive 24 hrs without having a single cup of tea in order to prove he isn’t a British national.

Can he resist this temptation?
Can he resist this temptation?

Earlier on Monday, Mr Swamy wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging that Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has claimed himself to be a British national before the authorities there and has demanded that he be stripped of Indian citizenship and Lok Sabha membership.

While Congress has rubbished these allegations, Mr Swamy says that burden of proof now lies with Rahul Gandhi and he must prove he is not a British citizen. Easiest way to do it is by going without tea for 24 hours.

Tea is widely considered to be the national love interest of Britain and an average Brit drinks about 3 and a half cups of tea every day. Dr Swamy argued that if he is British, he won’t be able to resist it for that long.

Speaking to the press, Mr Swamy said, “I have already given papers proving Rahul Gandhi is British. Now he must show that he isn’t a Brit by staying away from tea. However, this doesn’t mean that we accept him as an Indian citizen. For that, he will have to pee on the roadside and throw garbage out of his moving car.”

As per our sources inside BJP, BJP has already prepared a grand strategy to foil Rahul Gandhi’s tea fast if he accepts the challenge. A NaMo tea stall has already opened outside Rahul Gandhi’s residence at Tughlak lane. There are also plans to invite him to a Chai pe charcha with the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi to debate national issues. If Mr Gandhi turns down this invite, BJP plans to celebrate it as a moral victory and if he accepts, his British citizenship may get confirmed.

Meanwhile, Mr MS Aiyar responded to Mr Swamy’s challenge by saying, “These chaiwallahs can’t think beyond tea. I told you a chaiwallah shouldn’t become the PM.”