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Swine Flu virus killed in encounter in Gujarat, opposition cry foul

30, Oct 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Ahmedabad. Within hours of some unidentified virus, suspected to be belonging to the Swine Flu group, attacking Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, comes the claim of Gujarat Police that they have gunned down the suspected virus in an encounter. While the Gujarat government is claiming that the encounter was an achievement and an important step towards safety of people, the opposition parties have termed it as a fake encounter. Congress has demanded a CBI enquiry into the whole episode.

“Narendra Modi had gone to Russia and was tested positive for Swine Flu after he returned. Clearly it was a Russian virus that attacked him, but the state police have killed an Indian virus. It defies all logic and shows how much unreasonable and trigger happy the state administration has become under Modi. Furthermore, did anyone see even the dead body of the virus? This is as fake as it can get.” Congress leader Shankar Singh Vaghela said.

Exclusive photo of Swine Flu virus
Exclusive photo of Swine Flu virus

Police sources have informed that the dead body of the killed virus was immediately quarantined and sent for post-mortem and that’s why no one could see it. They refused the demands of media persons to let them see the dead body citing security and health reasons. Narendra Modi, who is also being quarantined for similar reasons after testing positive for H1N1 virus this morning, has issued a statement praising the police for the brave act.

“5.0671017 crore Gujaratis are proud of their police forces, who have relentlessly encountered all kinds of problems all by themselves to let the common man enjoy daandiya fearlessly. Friends from Congress are habituated of making imaginary accusations and I pray to god that they get some sense. I hope and pray that each and every of such viruses would be soon neutralized, that’s the final solution.” a statement from Chief Minister’s office read.

Apart from the political class, which is usually divided over most of the issues, even the scientists and doctors are deeply divided over this issue. Most of the doctors have expressed displeasure over the police department killing viruses.

“It’s our job to kill germs and viruses. Police must not meddle into our affairs. This is just as bad as judiciary meddling into the affairs of the legislature, and we all know how bitterly the political class had reacted then. But now, none of them are talking about this issue, instead they are playing politics over it. We are politely appealing to our police forces not to take up jobs that are our prerogative.” Dr. Hemal Desai said.

Serious objections have been raised by microbiologists and scientists as well, who have objected to the use of the term “killed” for a virus. Opinions differ among the scientific community on whether viruses are a form of life. They have been described as “organisms at the edge of life” by many. Scientists have appealed to the media and the police force not to spread misinformation by making headlines like “Swine Flu virus killed”.

Faking News ignored their appeal as it’s our policy to be more concerned about traffic than veracity of facts.