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Take oath quickly before BJP stakes claim: Congress to Captain Amarinder

14, Mar 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: As Manipur and Goa slips out of its hands despite getting more seats than BJP, Congress has become very wary of BJP’s post-election deals. Concerned party high command has now instructed Captain Amarinder to take oath in Punjab as soon as possible to avoid any slip there as well despite getting a comfortable majority. The oath taking ceremony is scheduled for Thursday morning but Congress wants the ceremony to take place within the next few hours.

Time to take oath

Congress got more seats than BJP in both Manipur and Goa but BJP managed to stitch together alliances faster than Congress and beat them to the majority in both states. Now even though they have a clear majority in Punjab, they don’t want to risk anything.

Confirming the instructions sent to Captain Amarinder, a senior Congress politician said ,”You can’t trust Amit Shah at all. We have a comfortable majority today but who knows what he will do tomorrow. We were confident about forming governments in Manipur and Goa as well but look what happened. UP, Uttarakhand were fine but now BJP is forming governments even in states where we won comfortably more seats than them. What if Amit Shah and Modi decide that they want to form governments in all 5 states that went to poll? No need to give them any window to pull off any backroom deal.”

“We have full faith in our MLAs that they won’t leave us but we have no faith in Amit Shah and his team of managers, they may manage everything. They have no political decency, at least let us rule the states where we are winning more states yaar. As it is we are struggling to do better than them in most states”, the Congress politician said.

Meanwhile, laughing machine Navjot Singh Sidhu has been told to avoid laughing during the oath taking ceremony when CM and ministers take their respective oaths.