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Taking a cue from Shiv Sena MPs, Mumbaikars to force MLAs to drive through potholes

23, Jul 2014 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai. Following the example of Shiv Sena MPs who protested against poor service and bad food in Maharashtra Sadan by trying to make the catering supervisor eat a roti, Mumbaikars have devised a new method to highlight the problem of potholes on Mumbai roads.

A group of Mumbai residents have come together and decided that they will force their local MLA to drive through the potholes in Mumbai to learn about the hardships common man faces on the road.

Incidentally, circular shapes of potholes remind people of rotis.
Incidentally, circular shapes of potholes remind people of rotis.

The problem of potholes, which exists throughout the year, becomes a big menace during Monsoons and many Mumbaikars are frustrated with this.

Speaking to Faking News, a member of this citizen group, Mr Ajay Kumar said, “See we have tried complaints, letters, dharna, everything. There has been no change in the situation. We were wondering what else to do to ensure government learns about this pothole menace, and then we saw Shiv Sena MPs on TV forcing a person to eat roti because the quality was bad. This gave an idea to us that we should force our MLAs to experience these pothole filled roads firsthand.”

“There are giant potholes on every road. Sometimes it is hard to figure out whether we are still on the road or have we entered a construction site where foundation of a building has been dug up. You can see people fishing in the potholes during monsoons. Let our MLAs drive through this maze of potholes and learn what we go through every day,” Mr Kumar added.

Another member of this group, Mrs Sarita Agnihotri joined in and said, “During Monsoons, every road turns into a river and we can’t tell where the road is and where the pothole is. Some of these potholes are so big that our car drops right down in them. There is a pothole at every step on some roads. Let us see how our lawmakers navigate through them.”

When we questioned if roads are made by BMC then why forcing MLAs to drive, Mr Kumar replied, “Even that supervisor didn’t make the food boss, the cook wasn’t forced to eat the roti.”

This experiment will begin from tomorrow and as per Mr Kumar, it will continue till the roads don’t improve.

In the meantime, our expert investigative reporters are trying to find out the religion of every MLA to figure out whether this is a communal act meant to destabilize India.