On taking so long to expel Kuldeep Sengar BJP says this decision is not a bill which can be passed in 5 minutes

03, Aug 2019 By dasu

New Delhi: More than two years after BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar was accused of raping a 17-year old teen in Unnao, he was expelled from the party today. The MLA who has been charged for murder, attempt to murder in recent Police FIR after a truck rammed into the car where Victim was traveling along with his lawyer which killed two of her aunts, was still part of the BJP till Supreme Court took up the case for hearing today.


On the question of taking so long to act against the MLA, a BJP leader said, “Are you saying Police FIRs are sufficient to expel someone for the party. A mere allegation like he threatened to finish the victim’s family cannot be considered to take action unless there is a thorough probe in the matter”.

“After all, he is a respected MLA of four terms. He deserves a fair chance too”, added the leader.

“Yes, we as a party have raised the bar in our decisiveness to do everything good for the country by following Maggi model”, said the BJP leader citing news reports how they are passing bills in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in 2 minutes.

“But to expect such decisiveness in our action in every matter is not right. Here we are dealing with a person who has a family, kids to take care of. After all, he was inside jail, he used a BSNL sim card how can he do anything from inside jail and moreover you know how tough our jail authorities are towards an accused sitting MLA”, added the BJP leader.

Meanwhile, Prithvi Shaw’s parents have blasted BCCI for acting against their son so quickly. “Could not they have waited till Prithvi announces retirement to inform the world he took the prohibited substance. Now how my boy will recover from this trauma to play cricket”, said mother of Prithvi Shaw.