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After taking oath for 6th time in 12 years, Nitish forms an ‘Oath Taking’ ministry which will handle oath taking ceremonies

27, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Nitish Kumar took oath as Bihar Chief Minister for the sixth time on Thursday morning, 14 hours after he resigned from that position, ending his two-year-old alliance with Lalu Yadav and the Congress. He is back with the BJP. Other than addressing rallies, attending cabinet meetings and planning new initiatives for the state, one thing which Nitish has done frequently is ‘Oath Taking’. Oath taking ceremonies have become important event in Bihar political circle and now Nitish wants a ministry to handle the oath taking ceremonies.


Many prominent personalities of Indian politics are expected to be present during the oath taking ceremony and it makes sense that there should be a separate ministry which handles all operations related to oath taking ceremonies. Nitish even plans to hire some external consultants who will provide the road map of how such ceremonies should be organized in the best possible way, which in turn would benefit the state tourism. Bihar will start offering tickets at premium price for the common man to attand otha taking function.

Nitish has not yet decided as to who will head the ministry, but it will be given to person who has prior experience in organizing wedding functions, get together and other events of similar scale and size. As for tomorrow’s ceremony is concerned, Bihar government has given the contract to some local vendors in the event management sector.  Congress members and RJD members will be personally invited for the event and hey will be given best possible seats at the venue. From next year, obviously, even the venue selection will be done through tenders and money collected through gate pass sales will be used in organizing the next oath taking ceremony. This seems to be the way forward to organizing oath taking ceremony in the most sustainable manner.